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2017 New and Expanded Industries

Company Product Jobs Investment
N Acclaim Industries Custom Foam Products 1 $15,000
N Gulf Coast Supply and Manufacturing Metal Roofing Products 7 $100,000
N Guyoungtech Seat Frames 130 $7,500,000
N PSC Industries Non-Metallic Gaskets & Insulation for Appliances 60 $2,500,000
N Seoyon E Hwa Door Trim Parts 200 $24,375,000
N The Lilly Company Industrial Equipment 15 $20,000
E 689th Network Operations Squadron IT and Admin 75 $—
E API Heat Transfer Welded Tubing Products and Auto/Heat Exchange Products 5 $—
E ASK Telemarketing/Always Open Customer Support Center $445,000
E Coca Cola UNITED Production Facility Beverage Bottling 32 $23,000,000
E Coca Cola UNITED Sales and Distribution Facility Beverage Distribution 16 $5,000,000
E DAS North America, Inc. Automotive Seat Components 100 $17,400,000
E Dyvis, Inc. Recycling 150 $700,000
E Epic Midstream Bulk Petroleum Storage $7,500,000
E Fleischmann’s Vinegar Company, Inc. Vinegar $534,000
E Genpak, LLC – Hope Hull Styrofoam Food Containers 40 $–
E Genpak, LLC – Montgomery Polystyrene Food Containers 19 $—
E Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama, LLC Automobiles $61,000,000
E JET Polymer Recycling Plastics Recycling 37 $5,000,000
E Kinpak, Inc. Antifreeze, Washer Fluids, Marine Products 15 $6,600,000
E KOAM Maintenance LLC Forklifts 6 $—
E Lear Corporation – Montgomery Automobile Seats $5,374,625
E MOBIS Alabama, LLC Cockpit & Chassis Modules, Bumper Assembly, Service Parts $2,000,000
E Hewlett Packard Customer Support Center 232 $—
E Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama Automobiles 38 $52,000,000
E Koch Foods Poultry Processing $31,000,000
E Lear Corporation – Montgomery Automobile Seats 111 $3,968,766
E MOBIS Alabama, LLC Cockpit & Chassis Modules, Bumper Assembly, Service Parts $19,370,012
E Paradise Printing Screen Printing/Embroidery/Promotional Products 12 $700,500
E PHA Body Systems Automobile Door Modules 21 $7,011,000
E Regitar U.S.A., Inc. Auto Ignition Parts and Power Tools 15 $2,204,837
E Rheem Water Heaters HQ Headquarter Operations $3,700,000
E Ridley Block Operations Live Stock Feed Supplements $4,389,296
E Sykes Enterprises, Inc. Customer Support Center 100 $—
E TK, LLC Electrical Control Panels/Flanges for Power Transformers $490,000

N=New; E=Expanded


Montgomery has consistently
among the
in new and expanding industry
announcements since 2010.

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